Monday, July 16, 2012

Why Do iPad Games Suck

I have a good feeling that many of you have probably realized that I am not very fond of iPhone games. To put it simply, they bore me relatively quickly. I didn't think handheld games could less enjoyable, until I noticed games on iPads.

Yes the large tablet, a device that has little use; I never thought it would be used as a gaming platform. I will get into why the iPad itself sucks in a later article, I want to focus on why the games are rather lacking. Aside from the fact that they have similar gameplay mechanics and their fun factor are about the same as their iPhone counterparts, the main reason why the iPad games suck is due to the fact that the hardware is so large. I know, I Know the iPad isn't particularly weighty but the sheer size of the thing can make it a little awkward to play games. The fact that the iPad is so large would deter me from hauling it around for gaming purposes. So gaming on an iPad would be limited to the confines of my home and that begs the question would I rather play games on a iPad or make use of my larger library of titles on my PS3, Xbox 360 (I finally decided to get one) and my computer. As you can see, I can't really find a suitable instance to pick up and play an iPad game, which justifies my argument, these game do suck indeed!


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