Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Can't Wait For Forward Unto Dawn

Yeah, Yeah, I know I'm a giant Halo Fanboy, I have played all of the games (except Halo Wars) and beat them on legendary multiple times. I find that the Halo novels are pretty awesome and the Halo lore is pretty cool. So a live action series about about character origins in the Halo universe has me pretty excited.

Forward Unto Dawn is the name of the series, which will air on Youtube in the fall. There will be 5, 15 minute episodes that will air just before the launch of Halo 4. I recently watched a behind the scenes segment  of the Halo series and it seems like the production quality is top notch. I always thought the live action trailers and ads (namely the Halo ODST ad) were awesome and got me on the hype train since I'm love playing the Halo campaigns and experiencing the progression of the story.

Hopefully, the acting, scripts and special effects come together to make this series great. If this short series ends up exceeding expectations, who know maybe a Halo movie may not be that far off.

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