Friday, July 20, 2012

Final Fanstasy Versus XIII Axed

Sadly there is talk that Final Fantasy Versus XIII (FFV13) has been axed. It's things like this that make me dislike Square Enix.

I always had a feeling that FFV13 was a pipe dream, but having that little bit of hope extinguished is a little bit of a killjoy. I have a feeling that Square Enix's business model is to ignore what their fan base wants. I know they want to create games that they enjoy but if the masses reject them, what is the point.

Although this game may face the chopping block, there is still hope of a decent Final Fantasy on the horizon. There was news that Final Fantasy XV will have an open world. This is promising, because the linearity of the games in FF 13 games detracted from the RPG experience. For now we will all have to wait how FF 15 turns out, hopefully it doesn't face the same fate as FFV13.

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