Friday, July 23, 2010

Final Fantasy 14 Better Not Be $60!

Well since it seems like Final Fantasy Versus 13 will never see the light of day, I am looking forward to trying out Final Fantasy 14 (FF14). I am currently working my way through Final Fantasy 13 (FF13) and I am not liking it very much at this point in time (mind you I am only a couple hours in). Since FF14 is going to be an MMO it would be a nice change since it will give the player more freedom than in FF13 (it's an RPG, your supposed be able to set things up more freely to suit your style of play). FF14 would be the first MMO that I would have played if I do decided to pick it up.

I have one concern, since FF14 is an MMO I am sure there will be a monthly subscription fee, my concern is that Square Enix annoying as they are will give this game the full retail price of $60. If this happens which I do not doubt for a second I will probably reconsider picking this game up because the cost of playing would add up very quickly due to the full retail price. More importantly if the subscription fee is some ridiculous sum of money, count me out Square Enix. I do not know why I still have faith in this developer. I guess I am waiting for them to deliver another great game like Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy 10, so far I have been thoroughly disappointed.


  1. Most MMOs work out very expensive due to the subscription fee - if this'll be your first MMO, why don't you try out a free one while you're waiting? There's plenty out there. I personally don't play MMOs because I get addicted too easily. XD

  2. lol Oh do you have any recommendations?

  3. FF14 is an MMO?! huh, I really would like to see this game and compare it to the other ones.

    Hopefully it is not $60, though I do doubt it since a lot of MMOs are expensive.

    -Coffee Bean

  4. Like I said, I don't really play any at the moment, but if I remember correctly Flyff (Fly For Fun) is free and the premium content is unobtrusive and doesn't get in the way of gameplay. Then there's the no-subscription-fee Guild Wars which you'll need to search around for depending on what you want (there are quite a few expansion packs that cover different plotlines but aren't at all necessary for the basic version, and I think there's a free trial available too). Guild Wars doesn't quite count as an MMO since you only interact with other players in towns, then get to go exploring solo or in a party (that needs to be formed in town) rather than seeing everyone wandering round the map the entire time.

    Did anyone ever play FF11 online? I hear it was pretty crap compared to the rest of the FF series.

  5. From what I heard FF11 was all about grinding

  6. Is FF good?? My BFF always plays it and says it's okay. But, I dunno... I see it in the stores sometimes and wonder if I should get it. Is it like a fighting game? Like RPG or strategy?
    Lemme know,
    PS: Nice blog :)

  7. FF games are RPG I'm currently playin FF13 and I don't think it's that great but I'm only a few hours in. I think that the older FF games are better.