Sunday, August 12, 2012

If Only I Could Get Out Of Bronze League

It seems like I have been pretty busy during these last few months and I have completely neglected my Starcraft 2 (SC2) account. I do play on and off every so often but the lack of consistent play made me pretty rusty. I used to be half decent at SC2, there was a time that I would win in most of my matches. Yeah, I know, I know; for the most part I would be pitted against players in bronze, silver and gold league but I was gradually improving my skills. Now that I rarely play, matches where I win are few and far between and I feel like I will be stuck in bronze league for eternity. It is pretty discouraging to know that I will not win nearly as matches in bronze league anymore but if I want to escape this cannon rushing, six-pooling, proxy barracks filled league I have to step up my game.