Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looks Like I Am Getting An Xbox 360

It was 2005, and I stayed up late to hear the announcement of the Xbox 360 on Spike TV, after that I was certain I would be an early adopter of Microsoft's new console.

A few months later the Playstation 3 was announced at E3 and the infamous Killzone 2 tech demo was shown, I had a feeling it would be a difficult choice between the 360 and the PS3. During the first year following the launch of the Xbox 360, there were several hardware failures, mainly the feared Red Ring of Death (RROD). The whole RROD situation, made the choice between consoles significantly easier. Seeing several of my friends Xbox's suffer from the RROD, I did not want to be in the same boat. So I decided to wait overnight, a cold and raining night in November of 2006, the PS3's launch day.

Now, several years later, it seems all of the kinks in the Xbox 360's have been ironed out, not to mention the fact that I am a huge Halo fanboy, it seems like I might be an Xbox owner after all. I know, I'm going to be a little late to the party but on the bright side I will have all those Xbox 360 exclusives to catch up on. I think, I will enjoy the fact that I won't have to go to my friends houses to play Halo anymore.


  1. My boyfriend was a huge Playstation fan but then defected to the xbox a couple of years ago. He says its much better because it is more social. If you have more friends who own an xbox, you'll definitely enjoy playing it more than the Playstation.

  2. A lot of my friends have an Xbox 360 which is nice, I guess I will being having a lot of fun on Xbox Live this fall.