Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finally The Return of Twisted Metal!

After the Sony conference at E3 2010 I got very excited, started giggling like a little kid in fact. The news of a new Twisted Metal coming to PS3 brought nice big grin to my face.

It's been too long since I enjoyed playing Twisted Metal 3 back on the PS1 with my friends, so many good memories. Now I can finally get that feeling back with the new Twisted Metal that was just announced. I wasn't surprised only by the announcement of the game but also by the fact that the developers actually made significant changes to the series. For instance you can fly a helicopter why brings a whole new dynamic to game since there can be air to ground and air to air combat. Also there are new game modes that involves factions and shooting missiles at the other factions giant statue and this new game mode makes team work the determining factor regarding which team will win, all these changes got me pretty excited. Another thing that made happy was the level of design that was put into the maps, they look huge and should be some good fun when played online.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more gameplay videos of this game and hope more info regarding it will be released soon, so I can hop on the hype train. I can't wait to go online and dominate my friends at some good old Twisted Metal.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Do Movie Games Suck So Much?

After gaming for several years it always grinds my gears when I play video games based on movies. I think around 90% of the time the games turn out to be utter crap, most they are absolutely terrible or mediocre at best.

It vexes me to know that some of these movie games have real potential to be good but fail miserably. For example, I played the Avatar game and it was very disappointing it was considering how much acclaim the film had received due to it's outstanding visuals. I terms of graphics the Avatar game looked horrible and it felt unfinished to me. Also, the gameplay was very boring; it just felt like the game developers half assed the game for it to be released the same time as the film or more likely since children who watch the film would be likely to buy the game no matter how bad the game really is.

That is the thing that gets me, the developers know that the games can make them decent cash with minimal effort since their target market are people who are young and are entertained easily or people who don't care too much about games to begin with to even realize how poor their decision was to purchase a movie game. On the contrary I remember only one movie game that had me entertained and that was the Toy Story 2 game back on the PS1, was really fun, I have to say it was one of my favorite platformer games. Now that I come to think of it,I think Toy Story 2 was the best movie ever!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Digital Distribution: The future of gaming?

I kind of fell like making a little prediction of what is going to happen in the future of the gaming industry. It seems that this generation that the digital distribution of games is becoming increasingly popular, but I don't think it's going to be the way of the future.

Personally like having my games on some sort of tangible medium,like cartridges or discs for example. I don't think I could have all my games stored on a hard drive in my PS3, I would be too worried about loosing them if my console bricked. Call me old school but I like knowing that I can physically hold the games I bought since they are my little $60 investments. From a business stand point I feel like it makes absolutely no sense for a proliferation of digital distribution to occur. Due to the fact that in this day and age so many individual pirate so much digital content on a regular basis, the developers won't make any money since somebody is bound to find a way to pirate the games off of the internet. This leads me to believe that all this talk about digital distribution taking over is a bunch of BS.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

E3 2010: Sony You Have Let Me Down Once Again

Ever since this gaming generation has begun I was puzzled by the lack of success the PS3 had relative to the success of its predecessor, the all mighty PS2. But this year at E3 Sony showed me exactly why I feel their next gen console isn't flying off the shelves.

In my opinion, the greatest contributor to the lackluster sales of the PS3 is the fact that Sony hasn't been focused at all this generation. What I mean by focused is them not really targeting a single demographic. Sure targeting multiple demographics sounds nice on paper from a entrepreneurial stand point but in reality, it's pretty tough to pull off and satisfy all those demographics. Sony seems like its stretching itself too thin by adding motion controls and 3D to the PS3 as well as somewhat supporting the PSP in its futile effort to keep up with the Nintendo DS. Regarding the PS3, if they could focus only on 3D on the PS3 rather than motion controls, then I feel that Sony would not look nearly as bad as they do right now, since their the Playstation Move (motion control peripheral)is an obvious attempt to try and take a bite out of the Wii's market share, which is a pretty daunting task. Whereas the 3D would be exclusive to the PS3 since all next gen consoles will have motion controls in the very near future.

So if Sony focused solely on the 3D for the PS3 they would probably be more successful than they are right now (assuming 3D tv's become popular)mainly because they would put more time and effort into their first party games that support 3D and in turn could increase the quality of the games and ultimately attract new adopters of the PS3. Hopefully, Sony doesn't mess up once again and try to focus on fewer endeavors instead of giving us, the consumers several half-assed products.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Prince of Persia The Sands Of Time, Best Video Game Movie?

So last week I decided to go watch Prince of Persia the Sands of Time (PoP) and I must say I underestimated how good the film would be. Well to be honest I was keeping my standards pretty low because I can be a pretty tough movie critic but I went into this movie knowing it would simply be a summer action flick, with more emphasis on special effects and action rather than character development.

With that being said, I thought it was a fun and entertaining movie. I don't get why critics are giving it such low review scores. It seems like film critics are rating it as if the movie was some kind of intense drama that has tons of character development and a plot that flows seamlessly. That really phases me because the film is base on a platforming game! I shouldn't be a simple task to create a film based on a platformer that is not disastrous. Prince of Persia did have its flaws but they were flaws that I was willing to disregard because I just wanted to see a good action flick and this film satisfied my needs. Also, I didn`t mind that the writers changed up the plot in the film from the games plot (i.e. the lack of sand monsters) but they made this change in a way where they kept the key elements of the original story which made the changes in the plot acceptable. Seeing as how almost all films based on video games fail miserably (sans Resident Evil and Tomb Raider films) I was rather pleased with Prince of Persia being a half decent movie.

The thing that will keep me laughing for a while is the fact that Prince of Persia, a Disney film based on a video game had a great deal more action than Iron Man 2 (which was pretty disappointing I might add) and I found that it more entertaining than Iron Man 2. Well the haters can say what they want but I think Prince of Persia has broken the trend so that movies based on games can move forward and potentially become great films. Thus Prince of Persia The Sands of Time is now the best video game movie to date.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Please remake Final Fantasy 7!

Yeah I know, I am one of those crazy Final Fantasy 7(FF7) fans and it really grinds my gears that it seems that this masterpiece of a game will never be remade.

It seems that there are rumors coming out of the woodwork concerning a remake of FF7 has been given the go ahead. These rumors just play with my emotions, it is really terrible because I have been wanting a remake of FF7 for several years now. I do not know why, Square Enix has not green lit this project yet, It would be an instant hit, I am pretty sure millions of people would buy it within its first week of release now matter how good or bad the game may be. This is why I am so puzzled about this whole matter, Square Enix has a great opportunity to capitalize on something huge and please so many fans at the same time but they refuse to do anything, simply ludicrous in my book.

When the film Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (FF7:AC)) was finally released it got me so excited because it was a pretty cool movie about one of my favorite video games. Since current generation consoles can possibly have visuals that are nearly as pretty as FF7:AC. I have been teased about this matter too long,just the thought of how great a next generation FF7 game could be with all the new capabilities of current generation consoles made me start my own little hype train for the possible arrival of a Final Fantasy 7 remake. I was certain that there would be a remake this generation. Sadly I was wrong and hope is all I have left.