Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's See If I Rage Quit

Just out curiosity, I want to see how far I can get into Halo 4's campaign on Legendary with the Mythic skull on without rage quitting. I'm not the greatest FPS player but I think I just might be able to get to the end of the game. Wish me luck, this is going to be one long and arduous task.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Updated Final Fantasy 7?

There has a rumor flying around lately that an updated version of Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) will be released on the PS3 in Europe. When I mean updated, I mean of a tweaked iteration of the beloved RPG. It is claimed that this version of the game will allow players to compare their party's stats with their friends over PSN. Another tweak to the game is that you are given the ability to temporarily max out your party's abilities whenever you get stuck. I don't know if it's just me but I think this "new" version of FFVII is pretty lame. The fact that you can cheat your way out of a tough battle, there isn't gratification. Call me old school but it feels rewarding to finally beat a boss after grinding and leveling up your characters to the best of your ability. Essentially this rumored FFVII pretty much has a built in "Game Shark" (haven't seen those things since the 90's). Rumors aside Square Enix claims that this game is not in development and their new Final Fantasy games take priority over a re-release of FFVII. I have a feeling we will never see a remake of FFVII but if and when it is released, I want a fully updated game with pretty 21st century graphics.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Review

Now that all 5 episodes of the long awaited web series have aired I think it is safe to say that I genuinely enjoyed it. Us Halo fans have been hoping for years to see a live action Halo film but that never happened and I have a feeling it probably never will see the light of day. For now I guess we will have to settle with the Live action web series. I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum so those of you who haven't seen seen the series yet can thoroughly enjoy it. Basically The series starts off approximately 25 years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved and is showing us the lives of students at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. The protagonist Thomas Lasky, a young cadet, an underachiever with huge shoes to fill is put to the test as the school comes under attack from Covenant forces. Lasky and fellow students must fight for their survival against this new enemy. With the help of a young John 117 (Master Chief), they will attempt to get through this ordeal alive. As always, I was skeptical about how this 5 part series would turn out. After the introductions of the characters in the first episode the plot moved along quite smoothly. I must say that I was blown away by the production quality of the series, it was a lot better than most of the crappy sci-fi shows on TV these days. Overall the plot was good and the action and special effects were awesome, so it's safe to say that Forward Unto Dawn was a pretty well put together web series. I just hope that this series will make movie studios feel more inclined to create a full length Halo film, only time will tell I guess.