Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Right Now I Feel Like There is a Drought...

I usually feel this way almost every summer, there is a drought when it comes to good games. I feels like it has been such a long time since a good game has been released.

The most recent console game that I actually enjoyed was God of War 3 and that came out ages ago. So I have been neglecting my PS3 for extended periods of time this summer. Sadly it has been collecting dust and I just use it to watch Blu Ray movies these days. Why did all the good games have to come out so early on in the year, I wish their released were a bit more spread out so I wouldn't be experiencing this boredom; this drought.

The only game that I keeping me from being bored out of my mind is Starcraft 2 but honestly 1 good game for the whole summer, this is just ridiculous. It seems like every game I try to play is just trash. I tried to give Final Fantasy 13 a chance but it was so bad that I could only get a few hours in, it was that painful. Basically it looks like I'm going to borrow my mothers' eReader for a long while now so I can finish the Halo series so I get onto the Halo Reach hype train.

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