Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ok, I Take Back What I Said About Crysis 2

While I was surfing the internet the other day, I stumbled upon some recent gameplay footage from Crysis 2. I must say, I was simply blown away.

This is what leads me to take back what I initially said when I was comparing the first Crysis 2 trailer to the Killzone 2 gameplay footage. In the new footage, Crysis 2 looks more polished and the scale of the maps are incredible. The attention to detail in Crysis2 as well as the physics are probably the best if have seen on a console. This leads me to believe that some of the aspects of Crysis 2 that I criticized in my earlier blog have been improved significantly. Even the character models and the weapon models look so much better. This game looks almost like CGI and is very easy on the eyes. So there you have it, I have excepted my false claims and I am not more excited to see how the end product of Crysis 2 turns out. It seems like the console versions Crysis 2 may even stand a chance against the PC version and have visuals that are nearly as good; well only if you have a beast of a computer.

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