Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is a 3DS!

Well I know the 3DS won't be coming out for Christmas but hey it would be a nice move on Nintendo's part. But seeing a how any incarnation of the DS sells like hotcakes, essentially Nintendo can sell this handheld when ever they want.

Basically I have not been a part of the handheld market so several years now; the last handheld I bought was a gameboy colour back in the late 90's. I never had that much intrest in hand helds until now, I just find it awesome that we will be able to see 3D without the use of those goofy glasses. On top of that the 3DS can apparently take 3D pictures and who wouldn't want to see their pictures in 3D. With respect to the games on the 3DS, this is sad I know but I want to play those Kingdom Hearts(KH) games that are exclusive to the DS (I really need my KH fix, it has been way too many years now). Another reason that has lead me to consider purchasing this handheld, is one of my guilty pleasures; which is Pokemon (it is so addictive). So it looks like I am going to have to save up my penies or hope that Santa Clause will be generous this year (and yes I think Santa Clause can make a late delivery in 2011).


  1. You could always wait til the 3DS comes out then buy a cheap secondhand DSLite/i/iXL? It has a HUGE library of games: FF Chocobo Tales, Crystal Chronicles (Ring of Fates and Echoes of Time), Tactics A2, FFIII and IV remakes, XII Revenant Wings, and then Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Pokemon Pearl/Diamond/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver/Black/White. And that's just mentioning a very small number of franchises. The World Ends With You is an amazing amazing game from Squeenix. DS Phat and Lite also have GBA compatability, so might be nice if you haven't played since GBC.

  2. well I still have my GBC and I still play Pokemon from time to time. I am really interested in this whole 3D thing