Sunday, August 22, 2010

For Some Reason I Love to Run Through Games

For as long I can remember I always end up beat the single player component of games relatively quickly. I guess it's like when you are reading a good book or watching a really good TV show and you just can't stop reading or watching.

The First time that I can recall running through a game was when I was between the ages of 8 and 10. One of my good friends, my sister and I all sat down together and decided to play Rayman 2 on the PS1, it turns out that we ended up tearing through that game in under 7 hours. Ever since then I have been running through games when ever I have the time.

Another example of the is when I play the Halo games I have beaten all of them in one sitting and even on the legendary difficulty sometimes. I think I feel like I am doing a time trial or something whenever I play a single player game, maybe I am trying to relive the time when I first hammered through Rayman 2. Who, knows? One thing is for sure though, developers better start making games longer so I can't beat all of them in 1 day!


  1. did you get starcraft II done in one day? Hope not. ruins the fun if you get through them that fast.

  2. lol SC2 took me a few days because there were 25 missions and I suck so hard at that game ahahah (SC2 is the first PC game I have bought in like 6 years) :P

  3. I generally try to go as slow as possible in a first try not to miss anything. Sadly, this sometimes means I get bored with games before reaching the end (I never finished the Elder Scrolls games Morrowind or Oblivion)

    Then, if the game was compelling enough, I'll sometimes go through and try speed runs.

  4. Well I can understand not finishing Morrowind that game was extremely long from what I heard, I played it for a while it seemed pretty long :P