Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Please remake Final Fantasy 7!

Yeah I know, I am one of those crazy Final Fantasy 7(FF7) fans and it really grinds my gears that it seems that this masterpiece of a game will never be remade.

It seems that there are rumors coming out of the woodwork concerning a remake of FF7 has been given the go ahead. These rumors just play with my emotions, it is really terrible because I have been wanting a remake of FF7 for several years now. I do not know why, Square Enix has not green lit this project yet, It would be an instant hit, I am pretty sure millions of people would buy it within its first week of release now matter how good or bad the game may be. This is why I am so puzzled about this whole matter, Square Enix has a great opportunity to capitalize on something huge and please so many fans at the same time but they refuse to do anything, simply ludicrous in my book.

When the film Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (FF7:AC)) was finally released it got me so excited because it was a pretty cool movie about one of my favorite video games. Since current generation consoles can possibly have visuals that are nearly as pretty as FF7:AC. I have been teased about this matter too long,just the thought of how great a next generation FF7 game could be with all the new capabilities of current generation consoles made me start my own little hype train for the possible arrival of a Final Fantasy 7 remake. I was certain that there would be a remake this generation. Sadly I was wrong and hope is all I have left.

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