Wednesday, June 23, 2010

E3 2010: Sony You Have Let Me Down Once Again

Ever since this gaming generation has begun I was puzzled by the lack of success the PS3 had relative to the success of its predecessor, the all mighty PS2. But this year at E3 Sony showed me exactly why I feel their next gen console isn't flying off the shelves.

In my opinion, the greatest contributor to the lackluster sales of the PS3 is the fact that Sony hasn't been focused at all this generation. What I mean by focused is them not really targeting a single demographic. Sure targeting multiple demographics sounds nice on paper from a entrepreneurial stand point but in reality, it's pretty tough to pull off and satisfy all those demographics. Sony seems like its stretching itself too thin by adding motion controls and 3D to the PS3 as well as somewhat supporting the PSP in its futile effort to keep up with the Nintendo DS. Regarding the PS3, if they could focus only on 3D on the PS3 rather than motion controls, then I feel that Sony would not look nearly as bad as they do right now, since their the Playstation Move (motion control peripheral)is an obvious attempt to try and take a bite out of the Wii's market share, which is a pretty daunting task. Whereas the 3D would be exclusive to the PS3 since all next gen consoles will have motion controls in the very near future.

So if Sony focused solely on the 3D for the PS3 they would probably be more successful than they are right now (assuming 3D tv's become popular)mainly because they would put more time and effort into their first party games that support 3D and in turn could increase the quality of the games and ultimately attract new adopters of the PS3. Hopefully, Sony doesn't mess up once again and try to focus on fewer endeavors instead of giving us, the consumers several half-assed products.

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