Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finally The Return of Twisted Metal!

After the Sony conference at E3 2010 I got very excited, started giggling like a little kid in fact. The news of a new Twisted Metal coming to PS3 brought nice big grin to my face.

It's been too long since I enjoyed playing Twisted Metal 3 back on the PS1 with my friends, so many good memories. Now I can finally get that feeling back with the new Twisted Metal that was just announced. I wasn't surprised only by the announcement of the game but also by the fact that the developers actually made significant changes to the series. For instance you can fly a helicopter why brings a whole new dynamic to game since there can be air to ground and air to air combat. Also there are new game modes that involves factions and shooting missiles at the other factions giant statue and this new game mode makes team work the determining factor regarding which team will win, all these changes got me pretty excited. Another thing that made happy was the level of design that was put into the maps, they look huge and should be some good fun when played online.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more gameplay videos of this game and hope more info regarding it will be released soon, so I can hop on the hype train. I can't wait to go online and dominate my friends at some good old Twisted Metal.

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