Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Do Movie Games Suck So Much?

After gaming for several years it always grinds my gears when I play video games based on movies. I think around 90% of the time the games turn out to be utter crap, most they are absolutely terrible or mediocre at best.

It vexes me to know that some of these movie games have real potential to be good but fail miserably. For example, I played the Avatar game and it was very disappointing it was considering how much acclaim the film had received due to it's outstanding visuals. I terms of graphics the Avatar game looked horrible and it felt unfinished to me. Also, the gameplay was very boring; it just felt like the game developers half assed the game for it to be released the same time as the film or more likely since children who watch the film would be likely to buy the game no matter how bad the game really is.

That is the thing that gets me, the developers know that the games can make them decent cash with minimal effort since their target market are people who are young and are entertained easily or people who don't care too much about games to begin with to even realize how poor their decision was to purchase a movie game. On the contrary I remember only one movie game that had me entertained and that was the Toy Story 2 game back on the PS1, was really fun, I have to say it was one of my favorite platformer games. Now that I come to think of it,I think Toy Story 2 was the best movie ever!


  1. I believe that it was on the Xbox....Charlie and the Chocolate Factory....worst video game...perhaps the worst one ever!

  2. wow they actually made a game for that, it even sounds like it should be horrible. Maybe I should give it a try some time :P