Friday, July 2, 2010

Halo Reach, could it be as good as Halo: Combat Evolved?

Now that Bungie has shown us some gameplay from the campaign, I think Halo Reach is going to be a great game. I have to admit I was skeptical as usual when I heard about Reach when it was announced, I thought it would be a re-skinned version of the over hyped and underwhelming Halo 3.

For once I am actually glad to say I was wrong, Halo Reach looks like it has great improvements over its predecessor in terms of visuals and gameplay. Hopefully the plot will be better as well, but we are just going to have to wait and see. I like all the new weapons, abilities and game modes that they introduced into this game. I know that I am a sucker when it comes to visuals but I still have to say that Reach is a pretty looking game, so that is always a plus in my book.

This may be a long shot, but I really hope that Halo Reach can somehow have the same effect or nearly the same effect that the first Halo, Halo: Combat evolved had on me. The first Halo was a truly great game with a really good campaign and an intriguing plot. It seems that in this next installment in the Halo series has more emphasis on how powerful and strong the Elites are, this makes me happy because I always like the Elites as an enemy way more than the Brutes. I don't know if it is just me but the Elites seem more alien and frightening than the Brutes which look like over sized gorillas. If Halo Reach has an engaging plot and gameplay I think we might have a runner for game of the year. Unfortunately , we all have to do what we gamers do best; wait and see.

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