Saturday, September 25, 2010

It Looks Like Gran Turismo 5 Is Probably The Prettiest Game Ever

I am currently in university so when I am not in class I try to take some time to catch up with the whole gaming scene. Recently I have been turning my attention to Gran Turismo 5 (GT5), I kind of forgot about this game because GT5 Prologue has been out for a while and the full version GT5 has been in development for an eternity.

As I was sifting through some GT5 videos on Youtube I was noticing how beautifully GT5 is shaping up. Just the amount of detail in the game is astonishing. I saw a clip of night time driving, from the in car view, with the rain on and I must say I was completely blown away it practically looked real. The level of photo realism in this game still boggles my mind. I was worried that the developers of the game would only focus on making the cars look pretty and half ass the tracks. But I was totally wrong from seeing song recent footage from the game. It has got me so excited that I'm really wish that I had the money for the steering wheel and pedals for this game. I played GT5 Prologue in a racing seat with the pedals and the steering wheel and it really made the driving simulator experience all the more better.

As I always do I will continue on the hype train until the games release. I wonder if can bribe Santa Claus this year, so I can wake up to a Steering wheel and pedals in my stocking.