Friday, September 10, 2010

Resistance 3, Finally Announced!

Yeah I know, I'm a little late to the party ( not having internet can do that) but I came across the Resistance 3 (R3) live action trailer and it got me very excited.

We all knew it was coming, R3 was bound to be announced pretty soon since Resistance 2 (R2) was released quite a while back. Besides the cliffhanger ending in R2 has had me waiting for news on R3 for quite some time, finally something has turned up. Although the trailer is just teasing us due to the fact that it's live action, it was very good it seemed like it could have been a movie trailer for a thriller or a horror film. I am just a little disappointed because the trailer did not show anything about the story. I am really impatient and I love the plot in the Resistance trilogy ( I hang around on the forums a lot), so any little tid bit of information regarding the plot would have been nice. The only thing that the trailer kind of mentioned is that the game will take place in New York but we all knew that because the title of R3 that was leaked a while back showed a silhouette of New York in the letters. but I guess that is the point of making a teaser trailer, it's a tease (man I really hate teases!).

I guess the trailer is better than nothing and has got me pumped about another game. I'm just praying that it doesn't come out early next year because I am not going to be able to buy all the game coming out in the winter nor would I have the time to play them all.


  1. ha me too!!! My son can't wait and I can't wait just to see the graphics!

  2. :D

    I'm just hoping it will come out before 2012 because the wait is so long :P