Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Think it's Time for Nintendo to Make a New IP

Nintendo has been a part of the gaming industry for quite a bit of time now and the thing that really bugs me about Nintendo is the fact that all their "killer aps" are sequels.

I don't know if it's just me but the vast majority of the best selling and acclaimed first party games on the Wii are sequels of previous games that that have been around for what seems like an eternity. There is only so much Zelda, Mario and Metriod I can take. I would really like the Nintendo developers to try something fresh and out of the box like Heavy Rain.

Ir's nice to see that the third party developers are trying to make cool new IP's on the Wii. A good example of this is Epic Mickey, it has an intriguing gameplay mechanic and it has Disney characters so if the game does not turn out to be all that great it will still sell pretty well since it caters to a pretty large audience on the Wii. But it seems like the developers of Epic Mickey are trying hard to make a great game that is geared towards both the casual and hardcore gamer audiences. I just hope that at some point in the Wii`s life cycle, Nintendo will step up and produce a genuinely great new IP on the Wii, because I`m really getting tired of sequels these days and I would a reason to play the Wii again.


  1. I got a wii when they first came out and I was so dissapointed that I sold it. The N64 was definately the best system of it's time but they have really seemed to give up on trying anymore.

  2. Yep they have really given because they know they will make money regardless. They could easily release a next gen console and try to take more market share away from the 360 and PS3 but I guess they are satisfied with just chilling out this gaming generation.