Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playstation Network Cards, Handy Little Things Aren't They

Since I recently got internet up in my new place I have been contemplating weather or not I should purchase some games on the Playstation Network (PSN). Finally, yesterday I decided to take the plunge.

So drove to the nearest mall, located the EB games/Gamestop and to my surprise they were out of PSN cards and had been for a month! So the cashier directed me to a drug store in the mall and to my surprise the drug store had plenty of PSN cards. I found that pretty funny, the cards were so tucked away, no wonder nobody had bought them. So I went ahead and purchased a $20 card and went directly to my place. I spent most about $18 and I decided to buy Crash Bandicoot Warped and Final Fantasy 7, both classics in my book. Currently I am plowing my way through both games, since I would like to finish them before my course work load picks up some more.

I remember the days without PSN cards, it was horrible since I don't have a credit card ( I applied for one but it's taking an eternity for me to get it) so getting my "hands" on some downloadable PS1 games was looking pretty grim. Now that time has past and I can enjoy all the old stuff that I grew up with. One thing the I like in particular about the PSN cards is the fact one PSN dollar translated to one dollar in the real world. I find things like the Xbox live points system can get a little messy. Once a new currency is introduced (ie. points) it can get difficult to keep track of what how much actual money you are spending or it becomes difficult to determine the worth of a game. This is just the way that I feel, it's kind of like going to Dave and Busters or Chuckie Cheeses and you buy a ton of points/coins for a pre-determined amount of money. But the catch is that you are probably in the mind set of spend coins not money, thus not really keeping track of the actually dollar amount your are spending to get X amount of tickets to win a crappy little prize. I guess you can tell by my little rant that I spent lots of my childhood money at these kind of places only to get lackluster prizes.

So for now I'm going to be using PSN cards, I might as keep using them when I get a credit card since it will help keep my spending in check. It still blows my mind how wonderful these little pieces of plastic called PSN cards are.

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