Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FanExpo 2010, Good Times...

In Toronto there is an annual convention called FanExpo and it's all about anime, comic books and video games. This year I decided to go again for the second time this past weekend.

I was very surprised when I got in line for the expo over the weekend, the line was absolutely massive. It seemed like the expo had a much more people attending this year. Aside from me sifting through a few Amazing Spiderman comics that I was looking to purchase I spent a lot of time watching people playing a bunch of new games that were being demonstrate (the lines to test out the games were extremely long and I didn't have enough time to try them out unfortunately, so spectating was the only way to go). First there was Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Move for the Playstation 3. Now that I was able to see these new peripherals in person, it solidified my preconceived opinions. They just seem like a gimmick that Sony and Microsoft devised to try and take a bite out of Nintendo's market share. Also, the players looked equally as ridiculous if not more (especially while playing Kinect) when they were playing some of the games. So that gave me a pretty good laugh. Gran Turismo 5 in 3D was also playable in a racing seat and steering wheel, I really wish that I got a change to try out some 3D gaming but people just hogged that game like it was the last time they would ever play it. The one game that got me really hyped up was seeing Halo Reach being played, graphically it is greatly improved compared to Halo 3 and slightly better than ODST. The new weapons and gameplay mechanics looked pretty cool too, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Reach when it is released. Regardless of my current opinions of the motion controllers I will still give them a shot when they have promising games.

Aside from that I managed to pick a little item that I have always wanted. Yes, it is a Buster sword from Final Fantasy 7 and yes I am extremely nerdy for buying one but hey it is still awesome.


  1. Cool sword. If it's connected to some religion in the game, you can bring it to school. Just tell them the Supreme Court said so.

  2. lol thanks Legacy, I wouldn't chance it with my school lmao