Monday, November 1, 2010

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit....(Sigh)

After an eventful Halloween weekend I decide to wind down by downloading the latest Need For Speed (NFS) demo. I was surprised to see the file, size it was around a gig and a half. So I was expecting this demo to be decently long.

I think that was just wishful thinking.There are 2 playable races, one as a cop and one as the street racer. The catch is you can only play the street racer if you convince a friend to download the demo, shenanigans I say! Did I mention I had to create and EA account? Yeah, I had to make an account just to play the demo. So that made me slightly vexed right off the bat.

I appreciate that the developers are getting back to the roots of the NFS series since the older installments before Underground were far superior to the more recent NFS games, so kudos for them. The only thing is, the demo did not seem nearly as entertaining as the last NFS Hot Pursuit. Sadly, the handling seemed pretty bad when I was driving the Nissan 370Z cop car, it was just so hard to drive with the analogue sticks. It was so bad, it was reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto 4. Not to mention the gameplay mechanic involving stopping the racers is a little lackluster,all you have to is hit the car you are chasing until their "health bar" is depleted. I wish it were more like it was in the last NFS Hot pursuit where you actually had to physically had to stop the racer not just rear end their car until it magically just stops when their health reaches 0. Unfortunately for the game it is not very pretty, I know visuals are not everything but when old games like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue look better it annoys me.

With all these negatives, the only positive I could find is that driving high performance exotic cars beats driving a modded civic any day. That being said, the negatives greatly outweigh the positives, so it only seems logical for me to pass on this one.

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