Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gran Turismo 5.......The Wait Is Almost Over

Well guys this one is going to be short because this is only speculation. I have been seeing increased amounts of people talking about Gran Turismo 5's(GT5) launch date closing in. And apparently the creator of the franchise announced that the discs were being stamped yesterday.

This news is getting my hopes up, quite a bit actually. The thing is this game has been pushed back so long that I am always skeptical of announcements regarding the progress of GT5. I remember playing the first demo of GT5 back in December of 2006, pretty much 4 years ago, when I bought my PS3 I was under the impression that GT5 would be released soon after I purchased my PS3. So you can see where my skepticism comes from but the news that came out yesterday is still very promising. So I am crossing my fingers for this game to be released in December before Christmas, mainly because I will probably make a deal with Santa Clause to get me a copy. Also, if GT5 is released during the holidays it will help Sony a great deal by nullifying the Xbox 360's leads in overall units sold. So hopefully, they are actually cranking out these games like they have said, because we all have been waiting an eternity.

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