Sunday, November 14, 2010

So Many Sequals, So Little Time...

Like many of you know, Call of Duty: Black Ops (COD7) was released recently and it got me thinking. I really don't like how COD games are released every year like it's some kind of sports game and I feel like this diminishes the video games quality.

I feel that COD games have been getting progressively worse after COD 4, it seems like the developers can get away with creating games that fail to impress me while maintaining record sales numbers. If they wanted to, the developers could release a half-assed game and still make a mint off of it due to the fact that the consumers are sheep, purchasing the game because its track record and being somewhat "loyal" to the franchise. Honestly, if a new game is released every year, even with 2 alternating developer teams (each team creates a game every 2 years) I feel that the developers are more inclined to minimize the improvements in each installment to allow them to save time. For example, I still fell like the last 2 COD games look like crap compared to games like Killzone 3 and Crysis 2. It's like the more recent games in the COD franchise hardly look better than COD 4 which was released quite some time ago.

What I'm trying to say is that the COD games look and feel dated and the developers don't really have any incentive to make huge improvements in each new COD because they would not be able to crank out COD games annually and be swimming cash like they are as we speak. So hopefully at some point the developers will space out the launches of these games, put more effort into them. I want a game that has more atmosphere, you know more stuff going on in the background and weather that sort of thing. I want better visuals(significantly better) because the games look like an attractive woman that didn't age very well. Above all, I a damn single player experience!


  1. Yeah i agree that they should space the games out more. I did just finish Black Ops and In my opinion it is better than MW2 but equal to COD 4. And I also agree that the visuals are looking dated in comparison to the killzone series and Crysis series which are two of my favourites but i'm also not one of those guys that belives you need photo-realism to make a good game. Well let's hope they get the message and atleast make the games look a bit better and take some risks in future releases.

    Nice blog by the way

  2. You are correct, "photo-realism" is really just an artistic style in my opinion it just depends on your taste. I just hope the dev's stop makinng COD into Madden lol