Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Really Wish I Could Be A Part of The Killzone 3 Beta

So I hope you guys missed me, these damn midterms have been giving me hell. But in between studying I could not help but look at all the Killzone 3 (KZ3) videos pouring in.

It happens that the KZ3 beta is up now so a bunch of multiplayer videos are being uploaded. I've watched as many videos as possible (with the little free time that I have) and look for the improvements in the game. Just from low quality Youtube videos I can tell the visuals of the game have been improved because so many things are going on at once during the game and things like snowflakes look great. I also like the new weapons like the triple barreled shotgun and I am glad that they brought back the suppressed SMG from the first Killzone game. But the things that have me most excited for KZ3 are the jetpacks and the mech suits, they just ad a whole new dynamic to the game and I hope they are balanced properly so things don't get out of hand. One thing I would like to address to all the people who think that KZ3 is becoming like Call of Duty(COD)because of the new air strike ability in KZ3, stop your whining! I am pretty sure that only the tactician can use this ability and it has such a small blast radius than the ones in COD that it won't be overpowered, on top of that the maps in KZ3 don't seem as small and as cluttered as the maps in COD.

Well it looks like Guerrilla Games has made me a little less skeptical about KZ3, it looks even prettier than the previous installment in the series and the multiplayer looks like it's shaping up to be something great. I truly envy the people who have the opportunity to be a part of the beta because I cannot wait to play this game. Seems like I will have to wait until KZ3 launches next year, so lets just hope that Santa Clause puts a nice big EB Games gift card in my stocking this year.

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