Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vanquish, This Game May Have Some Potential...

A couple days ago I was watching some videos on YouTube and the Vanquish demo was announced in one of the many I watched. So me being curious as usual, I had to try it out. I proceeded to download the demo and waited anxiously. Finally it was installed on my HDD (hard disk drive), I started them game, took a quick glance at the control scheme and got right into the demo.

I immediately noticed how bright and refined the visuals were, Vanquish is a pretty game when you are playing it. Sometimes I would just stop and look around the area due to the amount of detail. But as you all may know looks aren't everything.

Regarding the gameplay, I had some minor difficulties getting used to the cover system and jumping over obstacles when the time came to push forward. But as I continued to play I got the hang of this gameplay mechanic and things started going more smoothly. Although the demo was short I got to face a couple different kind of enemy units and there was a big boss battle at the end. I must say I really enjoyed the pacing of the demo as well how fast paced the gameplay is.

The demo was short but sweet, this game seems like it has some potential for being pretty decent and I could like to know more about the plot in the campaign. As Michael Pachter noted before on Vanquish is not very likely to get the marketing push it needs to move a lot of units. If this game is not marketed well it would be a shame and could possibly face the same fate as Beyond Good and Evil.


  1. I'm not so much a gamer myself, but I certainly spend some time on youtube mostly music for me:-)

  2. Yeah me too I spend a lot of my time on Youtube discovering and listening to music I have something like 200 songs favourited.