Thursday, July 15, 2010

Call Me Lazy But I'm Not Getting Off of My Couch

With the Xbox 360 and PS3 motion control peripherals launch date closing in, I began to think. This whole idea of motion control is cool and all but aside from the games potentially all being horrible failures I realized I am so lazy that I will not get off my couch to play games.

I know I am a couch potato, but honestly I play games when I am relaxing, I don't want to be flailing my arms around like a lunatic during my down time. This is my main reason why my gaming time consists of a few simple things: Me, a couch and some kind of high fat snack with a high salt content. As you can tell I am not a very active person, I loath cardiovascular activity in any shape or form and have to force myself to do it or be pressured by my friends. So breaking a sweat during my gaming time is not going to happen (well maybe due to me playing a highly tense and horrific game). So there you have it, this one of my main reasons why I am so against this whole motion control movement; I don't like the fact that it is required to stand up or move around my living room like a lunatic. Call me lazy but keep in mind I doubt most gamers will get off their asses to play some mini golf.

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