Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kingdom Hearts 3, Where Are You?

So yesterday I made a little trip to downtown Toronto to watch a bit of the Honda Indy which was an enjoyable but very loud experience ( ear plugs are a must!). While I was down there I visited many comic book stores and in every single one of those stores I saw sets of Kingdom Hearts action figures. The sight of the action figures made me realize that sadly we have been without a console version of Kingdom Hearts for a few years now.

Damn you Square Enix! Damn you! Why can't you spend your time delivering content that the fans instead of creating mediocre installments to the hypocritically named Final Fantasy series. It seems like Square Enix just feels like doing their own thing lately considering they tease us with Final Fantasy 7 and do not deliver, they teased us with announcing Final Fantasy Versus 13; yet nothing has turned up. Now with the Kingdom Hearts series, seriously I do not want to buy a Nintendo DS and/or a PSP to play the latest games in the series that I and many other love so much. All I want is a full length console game, something to end the series nicely, all I want I Kingdom Hearts 3 but I have a feeling it won't be coming. So, Square Enix if you are not going to make any of these games that I mentioned earlier, get off your ass now and make a game that is worth my time and money!


  1. Agreed. I want a Kingdom Hearts 3 as well. :-P

    -French Bean

  2. It's been 6 years I can't wait much longer!