Sunday, February 5, 2012

Resistance 3, Why Did You Have To End That Way?

Before you start reading there will be SPOILERS!

I have been a fan of the Resistance series since it came out in 2006, I guess I had to like the first game as an early adopter of the PS3 since there really wasn't much else to play at the time. 5 years and 2 installments later, Resistance 3 came out in the summer of 2011. I'm not going to lie I was pretty excited to see if this game would tie up all the loose ends and leave me with a feeling of satisfaction.

Unfortunately, I wasn't as pleased as I had hoped. The previous 2 game were essentially building up to the 3rd game, I was hoping that all the mysteries about the Chimera would be revealed. But that never happened, the end of the 3rd game was abrupt, like the developers needed to hurry up and finish the game. Although Resistance 3 had a more character driven plot, with more meaningful dialogue and great set pieces; nothing was explained. What killed off the Chimera in the past? What were the pure Chimera up to this whole time? Massive loop holes left at the end of the game irked me.

The thing I hated the most was how in the credits you hear people on radios reporting that they are winning small battles against the Chimera. But there was no real indication that the war was over, there should at least been some kind of cut scene to elaborate on the fact that the Chimera are losing. What makes it worse is that apparently, the developer Insomniac games is not making another resistance game, so the half asses ending in Resistance 3 is the best effort at tying everything together?

I'm not going to lie the single player component of Resistance 3 was entertaining but the way it ended just left a sour taste in my mouth, one that is very difficult to get rid of.

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