Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm addicted to Battlefield 3

Based on the amount of time that I have poured into the game, I think it's safe to say I'm addicted to Battlefield 3 (BF3).

I may not be the best player but that's not stopping me, slowly but surely I'm honing my skills and K/D ratio isn't so abysmal anymore. I really enjoy the ability to use vehicles online, I find it awesome that I can hop into a chopper with a buddy and just go on strafing runs and then parachute in when things get a little to crazy. The progression through the classes is great, it honestly keeps me playing; I always want to get to the next level.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I like BF3 more than COD4. Although I did spend almost a lifetime playing COD4, I have a good feeling I will be spending countless hours playing BF3. The online component is so good that I haven't even felt the need to delve into the single player campaign. Me being me, I have always played the single player component of every game I have owned. I guess there is a first for everything,I think it just goes to show how exceptional the online experience of BF3 is.

Maybe when I get a little tired of the standard maps I shall purchase the Back to Karkand map pack. It looks pretty damn good, maybe when I'm done this semester; I still want to be a little bit productive.


  1. Battlefield-3 is a awesome game.Even I played it and invested alot of time on it.I am gonna play it again after my board exams.

  2. Don't kid yourself.
    Count the hours you play per day.

    Also, determine whether or not you ate 3 square meals per day, exercised, slept well, read current events, took care of your errands and other responsibilities, socialized. If you've been slacking in any of the above, chances are you are addicted to video games.
    This is very serious, yet do whatever you want. I'm just going to tell you, it's not something to take lightly at all.
    I firmly believe many children and adults put far too much time into video games that are detracting from their healthy everyday life.
    For some people, it's as bad as cocaine or cigarettes. You're delusional if you think that comparison isn't directly comparable.