Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Halo 4: I Should Have Seen This Coming

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I saw the announcement for Halo 4. I never thought it would actually happen but given the "secret" ending of Halo 3 it makes sense.

I guess since Bungie stopped developing games for the Halo series I completely forgot about 343 Industries. Hopefully they can deliver on this to make up for Halo 3's mediocre single player campaign as it did not live up to the mountain of hype I had built up for its release.

Although the trailer was relatively short and cgi, it left me feeling excited and hyped up. I am feeling this excitement because with every release of a Halo game I am hoping I will have the same experience as I did when I played Halo: Combat Evolved. You guys know what I mean, it was just so epic, every level in the campaign was awesome and I couldn't stop myself from finishing the game as quickly as possible. So it's safe to say I am pretty excited like a kid in a candy shop.

Another thing that got me so pumped up to the point that I just might go out and buy an Xbox 360 after 5 years of avoiding it was the announcement of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Just like the God of War Collection, the first Halo game is getting a facelift. They are even updating the online multi player maps, which were my favorite ones in the Halo series.

So, I may decide to join you fellow 360 owners, as the first Xbox game I truly enjoyed has become the catalyst in my decision to purchase an Xbox 360.

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