Monday, June 6, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I Can't be Bothered

I recently watched the latest trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3(MW3) and it did absolutely nothing for me. I think it's official, I'm done with COD, just like Crazy Bones, Pogs and and Pokemon cards.

Generally I will have some kind of interest in an FPS since shooters are one of my favorite genres these days but COD doesn't seem to stir anything within me. It generates no emotion, which is odd since I used to love COD. The thing is after the first Modern Warfare game (COD4), the developers just milked the franchise to death. The games after COD4 were lackluster, they lacked any creativity and innovation.

The COD franchise became another fad. Like many fads, their appeal to me withers away rather quickly. So when I decided to watch the trailer, it just seemed like more of the same, just any old COD game with a different set of clothes on. What really puzzled me was why they showed a trailer for the campaign when, I am one of the very few people who plays the campaigns. Besides what is the point of advertising the campaign if it feels tacked on, they have become so short that they should just be excluded from the game. They aren't even worthwhile playing anymore, that's probably why most people just go straight to the online component. I actually feel ripped off as I am only getting a half assed game with an online component that has become progressively worse over the years.

That is pretty much my beef with MW3 and the COD franchise these days, it does nothing for me, so I don't feel compelled to drop $60 on the game let alone feel any hype for it. Personally I the like the developers, should cut out the single player campaign, make it multi player only and perhaps have some mini games like Nazi zombies. Then they could charge around $40 then I take a look a the game. COD is dead to me, the series lacks heart and soul and is only here to create a wide profit margin with minimal creativity.


  1. I have played Call of Duty since the first original game came out. I like how they eventually changed it from world war II to modern for more variaton, but think they came out with too many call of duty's. That is where I agree with you as it becoming too much of a fad.

    The zombies though was an awesome feature, I just think they should of gave more features for the updates that you had to pay for.

  2. Very true, I personally loved the first modern warfare because it was something new and innovative and raised the bar for FPS'. I think I may just end up renting the new COD for the campaign as I just want to see how it's convoluted plot will end :P

  3. I hate the way they are advertising already, in a desperate bid to create a horrfic amount of buzz, especially when compared to (what will hopefully be) the amazing battlefield 3...

    completely get what you mean though, they seem to be pretty much milking a cash cow...

  4. To be honest I think MW3 doesn't stand a chance in hell against BF3 in terms of quality, I'm most likely going to get BF3 because what I have seen so far was very nice indeed.

  5. The New School Gamer is an blog by a gamer for the gamers. In this blog the COD franchise became another fad. Like many fads, their appeal to me withers away rather quickly.

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