Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Playstation Phone.....Makes Me Wish I Didn't Get An Iphone

During the early fall my mother had surprised me by giving me an Iphone 3Gs. I think she though I was being very serious when I was bitching about my old Sony Ericsson slider phone. Oh well,I have found the Iphone to be a very useful tool indeed.

Sadly the announcement of the Playstation phone (PS phone) was a complete killjoy. There have been rumors flying around the internet about the release of a PS phone for a great deal of time but I never thought in a million years an actual PS phone would be released. Although I do love my Iphone, it would be amazing to have a phone that could play PS1 and PSP games. There is only so much Stick Wars and Tap Tap Revenge I can play before getting bored on my Iphone. So the thought of being able to play longer games like Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy, God of War and many more has me very excited.

I also like the design of the PS phone pretty much a Sony Xperia on top running Android on its touch screen and the D-pad and buttons slide out from the bottom to play games. What more could a gamer want in a phone that has a solid line up of Playstation games, the Playstation Network and all the Android apps. If the PS phone may be my next upgrade if it ever makes its way up here to Canada, hopefully all the kinks get worked out (if it has any) when I am ready to part with my Iphone.


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