Saturday, October 6, 2012

Assassins Creed 3 Demo (First Imprssions)

I know, this is a little late but I feel this is still a relevant topic. Back in August at FanExpo 2012 in Toronto, I also got the opportunity to play the demo for Assassins Creed 3 (AC3). Keep in mind this demo was fairly short, but I guess that goes without saying. First off my only grippe was the fact that there was no real opportunity to experiment with the weapons and battle system. Aside from that, the demo still managed to be entertaining. I believe the main purpose of the mission/demo that I played was to display the scale of AC3. During the mission I the captain of a naval ship and the main objective was to sink a couple enemy warships with your arsenal of cannons. Pretty straight forward, but there was some technique involved. The most effective method of sinking an enemy ship was to be right beside them and and attempt to hit them with all of your side cannons. But this method was difficult to achieve since my ship and an enemy's ship are both sailing around at varying speeds. So I found it a little tough to sink the enemy initially. There were smaller side cannons and a single front mounted cannon but I found them to be of little use. After I sank the first ship, I felt more comfortable with the steering mechanics and the mission became pretty fun. Did, I mention that this game looks really great? The wind, water and weather effects were great and made the naval battle experience more gritty and realistic. When my ship got hit (quite often I might add), the first that started and pieces of wood that were throw about really gave me an incentive to sink the enemy warships. Soon after the first ship went down, I proceeded to sink the second ship and the objective changed. Unfortunately I missed what the new objective was and I ended up sailing around aimlessly for a couple minutes before I called it quits. Yeah, it was my fault that I didn't have the entire demo experience but I was able to play the bulk of it. As far as my expectation for the full game goes, I don't know what the hand to hand combat will be like but I can tell you that you can expect massive and detailed levels that surely will be easy on the eyes.

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